Makepretend is who we are and what we do. We believe the ordinary becomes extraordinary with the free play of imagination, and that cultural survey can be used to create interaction between unlike people, things, and places.

Makepretend is a New York City based creative partnership between Anna Vogel and Nate Turner, operating impartially between the fields of art and design, work and play.

Just email us at whatsup [at] makepretend [dot] net if you would like to find out more or talk about a project or get on our infrequent mailing list.

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Projection for the debut show of NEXT NIKKI at MoMA PS1 in February 2011. The performance was part of the ongoing Saturday Sessions, presented by tea and cookies by renegade chef Anne Apparu. More info at

Video directed and produced by MAKEPRETEND
NEXT NIKKI - Coming Now!
Trailer for NEXT NIKKI, a musical collaborative featuring Nikki played by Cat Hartwell (Fannypack, Holy Hail) and Nikki performed by Jeremy Parker (Kill Whitie, Tha Pumpsta, Jamstation). More info at

Video directed and produced by MAKEPRETEND
DOCOMOMO New York/Tri-State Web Site
DOCOMOMO New York/Tri-State is a local chapter of DOCOMOMO US, which is a national working group of DOCOMOMO, an international organization founded in 1988 in The Netherlands. Its mission is to increase public awareness and appreciation of Modern movement architecture, landscape and urban design; to identify and document local examples; and to advocate for the protection of those determined most significant.
Colored Cigarettes
A great story found living here in NYC.

Video directed and produced by MAKEPRETEND

Thank you: KT Auleta, Victoria Bartlett, Alfred Braodbent, Joe Stramowski
An Update - Photo Series
Think, play, shoot. There is not much that is new. Much of what we see, hear, and experience today is a past existence. We are using nostalgia as "creativity." However it is a job of an artist or storyteller to reflect the times in which he or she lives in.

This series of photos is about using today's technology to create abstraction. It's not new, it's just an update.

Devised as set of 9 large scale digital prints.
Holy Hail - Music Video
Devise, rehearse, action! Holy Hail 'County Fair Pt.2' Music Video directed and produced by MAKEPRETEND.

Credits: DP: AJ Broadbent; Editor: Ashley Kreamer; Colorist: Kamil Dobrowolski; Make up: Jordan Bree Long; Stylist: Sara Dunn; Cast: Holy Hail, Max Eggler, Alyssa Cavallaro, Ruby Furlow
Portraits with Scarf
Devise, make, shoot, edit! Original oversized wool scarves and simple tank tops and t-shirts made by MAKEPRETEND.

Models: Kevin & Megan
My Adidas
Devise, make, shoot, edit! Limited edition hand-screened vintage t-shirts.

Models: Sigu & Alex.
Gauche Concepts
Tokyo-based Gauche Concepts is a restaurant consultancy group, needed a logo that hinted at a hand touch.

Our solution was to take a sophisticated letter form and redraw it by hand. The final form is the shade side of a 3D lower case g of the typeface Garamond.
The 9th Annual Avant Guardian
Design, build, and installation of oversized lightboxes - creating a stylish environment to display the winning photos at the 9th Avant Guardian put on annually by Surface Magazine.

Photos: Nikola Tamindzic
Dave Denis
Devise, shoot, edit! Look book photography for Dave Denis t-shirt line.

Models: Georgie & Sigu
Miyabi Tanaka
Flash web site for super talented Tokyo based photograpgher Miyabi Tanaka. Build by Cuban Council.
We Are Rocketscience
Bryn Bowen and Ian Savage are two set designers and builders that paired up to start a new business that aims to streamline the photo shoot set building and store display process by being a one stop shop. They needed a brand identity that captured the work they were doing but also wanted playfulness without loosing professionalism. Site built by Cuban Council.
ICFF 2008:
Surface Magazine & Orange 22 Party

Display system to showcase benches created for Orange22 Design Lab's Blank Canvas Project. Design by MAKEPRETEND. Build and installation in collaboration with Rocket Science.

Photos: Courtesy Surface